Woven Coir Geo Textiles

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Woven Coir Geo Textiles Woven Coir Geo Textiles

Woven Coir Geo Textiles

In the world which is turning its face towards eco- friendly products, Coir Woven Geo- textiles play an important role in soil erosion. They protect the land and provide vegetative growth during the formative period after which degrade into the soil. This greening prevents soil erosion and ensures soil stability. A range of different mesh matting with varying densities are available depending on the landscape design, water flow, soil structure, steepness of slop, vegetation requirements etc

Code names for Popular Varieties: H2M6, H2M8, H2M2, H2M5, H2M9 ETC.
Weight: 400 gms, 700 gms, 740 gms, 900 gms
Available Sizes: 1,2,3 and 4 meter width and 50 mtrs length
Standard sizes: 1x 50 Mtr, 4 x 50 mtr or 2 x 50 mtrs

Coir Geo Textile Applications

  • Water course protection including stream bank protection
  • Shoreline stabilization
  • Storm water channels
  • Slope stabilization in railway cutting and embankments
  • Water course protection
  • Separation application in rural roads, railways, parking and storage areas
  • Reinforcement of rural unpaved roads, temporary walls Providing sub base layer in road pavement
  • Filtration in road drains and land reclamation
  • Containment of soil and concrete as temporary seeding etc.
  • Concrete column curing
  • Fly ash dump waste protection and greening Forestry revegetation
  • Highway cut and fill slopes
  • Control of shallow mass waste and gully erosion
  • As sound barrier
  • UV protection for under earth crops
  • Roof top greening
  • Protection from wind erosion
  • Storm shuttering
  • Mulching, anti weed, vegetative water channels
  • Mine site reclamation
  • Dune rehabilitation
  • Wetland environments
  • Landscaping
  • Plant and tree protective systems
  • Mud wall reinforcement
  • Soil stabilization