Anti Fatigue Mats

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Anti Fatigue Mats

The mats are designed to reduce fatigue that is caused by standing for long periods on hard surface.

Interlocking Ring Mat

Built in connectors on two sides makes it possible to join and cover longer and bigger areas. Available sizes- 61 x91 cm, 91 x91 cm, 91 x151 cm-Thickness 12 MM & 14 MM.

Ramp Mat

Beveled edges with a thinner ring design make this a very effective multipurpose mat. Ideal for industrial kitchen applications where drainage, anti-slip, anti-break and anti-fatigue properties are required. Available sizes- 61 x91 cm, 91x152 cm, 90x90 cm. Available thickness- 12 MM.

Rubber Bouble Mat

Made from 100% natural rubber, these bouble mats are designed to reduce the fatigue of the person standing on it for long hours. The scientifically designed bouble construction gives unique shock absorbing properties to this mat resulting in reduced strain on the calf muscle. High quality rubber ensures that the bubbles retain their foam factor for the life of the mat and do not collapse.

Rubber Solid Top Mat (Gym Mat)

Heavy duty impact & slip resistant rubber flooring. Can be joined to cover large floor areas. Easily replaced and movable. Most cost effective temporary or permanent flooring to protect floors and equipment. Has very good anti-fatigue properties for standing jobs.Available size- 91.5 x 91.5 cm, 18 mm thickness.

Rubber Stud Mats

Stud Mats are covered with hundreds of flexible rubber studs/fingers/bristles which act as an effective cleaning medium. This mat offers cushioning to the feet and helps minimize foot fatigue for jobs that involve prolonged standing. It has an acupressure effect on bare feet.Available sizes- 45 x75 cm, 50 x 100 cm, 61x 81 cm, 60 x100 cm, 81x 99 cm, 90 x 150 cm, 91 x183 cm- Thickness 12 MM.

Scrapper Mat

Raised rubber lugs provide exceptional traction and cleaning ability. Thin profile with durability makes this product one of the best primary entrance mats available. Easy to clean.Available sizes- 90 x 150 cm, 120 x180 cm, 55 x85 cm. Available thickness- 7 MM.

Comfort Lock Mats

This designer lock mat is mostly recommended for shipping/packing, factories and warehouses. The comfort locks distinctive raised diamond pattern increases traction and lengthens wear. It’s easy-to-clean and resists most common chemicals. Available size-71 x78 cm, Thickness 14 MM.

Rubber Tile Mat

The interlocking floor tiles are modular in nature. Hence, you can start the floor installation from any corner of the room. All you need to do is align them together. The tiles are designed to easily interlock together. You can create a small floor mat for treadmill or you can use them to cover large areas such as a trade show, garage, workshop or basement.